Located on the 6th floor of guangzhou zhengjia square, a national AAAA scenic spot, zhengjia museum of natural science is a new-type museum of natural science that combines education and entertainment with reference to international standards and concepts. More than 1,000 exhibits, 20 interactive projects, and 8 themed exhibition areas are displayed in front of you. From the […]

Teachers and Students relationship-improved by Dinosaur toys Have you ever lost interest in a subject because you didn’t like the teacher? It can’t be denied that the relationships students have with their teachers is essential to learning and development. If a teacher can get students engaged and have a strong positive relationship, it will have long-lasting benefits—and one […]

Many New Dinosaurs Species are discovered every year Are you a dinosaur lover? The kind who builds life-size dinosaur models for fun or wears an animatronic dinosaur costume for Halloween or other ceremonies? If so, you’ll be delighted to learn that even though there are nearly a thousand known species of dinosaur, new ones are found every year. […]

Black Friday is a great time to grab dinosaur-sized deals before the coming Christmas in December. Some of them will go extinct on things like a dinosaur puppet costume, dinosaur books, and animatronic dinosaurs for sale. If you’re looking for a place to find dinosaur puppets for sale as Christmas gift and more, we have the ultimate dino gift guide […]

These massive, majestic, and treacherous dinosaurs are attracted by students It’s not a secret that kids are inquisitive and tend to explore everything they lay their hands, eyes, or mouths on. But, what profession can you think of that shares this quality? The answer is archaeologists since they do it for a living. This being […]

Spending quality time with children in what they are interested in, such as dinosaurs A healthy parent-child bond starts in early childhood and grows from one special moment to another. Spending quality time with your child is essential to establishing that bond, especially when that time includes excitement, laughter and hands-on learning opportunities. One way […]

It is the essential family outing! This is not only a shopping mall, but they also have a truly amazing display of dinosaurs in Northern Canada featuring realistic scenes, enormous dinosaurs feature some of the world’s most unique and recently discovered dinosaurs, cute baby dinosaurs, optional stationary dinosaur ride and lots of fun activities.   AD-060 Animatronic […]

Once again, the magic of Christmas is on its way. Of course, as a loving parent, you want to give your children gifts they’ll cherish and remember for a long time. Well, a customized dinosaur toy is just such a present. In fact, to your son or daughter, it could be more than a toy. […]

At one point or another, almost like a rite of passage, a child becomes obsessed with dinosaurs. Maybe they watched a television show or movie about them, maybe they were taken to a museum where dinosaur bones were on display; whatever started their love for them, there are benefits to fueling your child’s interest in these […]

According to historical events, it’s been proven that dinosaurs thrived on our planet for a little over 160 million years. They met their end around 65.5 million years ago. But for an animal that lived such a long time ago, humans have expressed an obsession with these extinct species. In this article, we will explore […]

There are many reasons why children enjoy dinosaurs. In the fictional realm, these creatures are presented as colorful and full of vibrancy. Parents usually get on board with the obsession because dinosaurs are both a part of science and a part of history and they find the hobby educational. For these reasons and more, there […]

The attractions industry continues to thrive around the world, and the strength, growth, and passion of our dynamic industry is reflected right here at IAAPA EXPO 2019. formerly IAAPA Attractions Expo, the global attractions industry’s premier event, from 18th to 22nd, November at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. It featured more than 1,100 exhibiting companies from around […]