Amazing Fiberglass Statues Produced by My Dinosaurs

A fiberglass statue made by My Dinosaurs is the perfect addition to any theme park, museum, shopping mall, or park. People of all ages will enjoy these 100% handmade, amazing works of art.


About My Dinosaurs

My Dinosaurs Culture and Arts Co. Ltd, located in Zigong City of the Sichuan Province in China, has over 20 years experience producing quality animatronic dinosaurs, pneumatic, and static dinosaurs, dragons, animals, insects, plants, and cartoons. The company researches, designs, manufactures, and exports these creations throughout the world and they even employ a paleontology expert to ensure authentic creations. The company is also able to produce custom pieces of work to suit a customer’s particular needs.


animatronic dinosaur t rex 1

AD-241 Animatronic Dinosaurs Exhibits Full Size Tyrannosaurus Tex>>

Fiberglass Statue Examples

Fiberglass, a lightweight material, allows the company to build large models quickly that are easy to ship. The sturdy material is perfect for outdoor use since a fiberglass statue can withstand all weather conditions. The production process begins with a drawing. Then a 3-dimensional model is created with a steel frame and high-density foam. Finally, after the model is enclosed by fiberglass fabric and resin, the production team uses life-like color pigments to make the final model come alive.


  1. Giant Flying Butterflies and Large Flowers

This display of 35 statues in a shopping mall features authentic giant butterflies suspended over true to life flowers and grass. The best feature of these beautiful sculptures is the transparent wings and flower petals. The wings are a deep purple while the flowers are an aqua blue faded to white.


  1. Sphinx Head

An homage to the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt, this statue is the head of the mythical creature without is lion body. The face is brilliantly colored with gold, blue, and grey.World Famous Building Miniature Outdoor Custom Sphinx Sculpture



MD-046 Hot New Product Polyurethane Statues Of Architecture Model Sphinx Head>>


  1. Dinosaur Eggs

These statues are perfect for a family photo opportunity. Authentic shading with grays and dark spots, the customer can choose from eggs that allow a person to enter inside for a photo opportunity or eggs with a hatching baby dinosaur.


  1. Life-size Fiberglass Landscape Dragon

This ferocious, life-size dragon is a wonderful outdoor piece. The horned beast is flashing his powerful teeth, and it boasts gray and cream scales with reddish-brown wings.


  1. Dinosaur Mouth Exhibit Entrance

Invite your patrons to your exhibit through the agape mouth of a hungry dinosaur. Breaking through vegetation and rock, this dinosaur’s mouth and claws invite visitors to enter its red mouth.


dinosaur park gate 400x400

FDF-044 Customization Jurassic Dinosaur Park Gate Entrance>>


My Dinosaurs is your worldwide provider for high-quality fiberglass statues. No project is too big, and they are happy to work closely with customers to develop custom pieces.