Amurosaurus is a genus oflambeosaurine hadrosaurid dinosaur found in the latestCretaceous period (66 million years ago) of eastern Asia. Like most lambeosaurs, it would have been a primarily bipedalherbivore with a “duckbill” shaped snout and a hollow crest on top of its head, although such a crest has not been found.Fossil bones of adults are rare, but an adult would most likely have been at least 6 m long. According to Gregory S. Paul, it was about 8 meters long and weight about 3000 kg.

Amurosaurus is characterized by many autapomorphies, or unique features, of the skull, as well as the sigmoidal shape of the ulna(a lower arm bone) when viewed from the front or side. Most other known lambeosaurines have hollow crests on the top of their skulls, and although the bones that would make up such a crest are unknown in this dinosaur, the bones of the roof of the skull are modified to support one, so it can be assumed that Amurosaurus was crested as well.

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