The Best Dinosaur Activity Ideas for Middle School

Dinosaur theme activities can be ideal for middle school science classes. That’s because dinosaurs are special to so many teenagers. When teens see dinos, they often think of the toys, movies, and cartoons they enjoyed as children.

Dino-related projects could involve artwork, films, or a trip to see a life size dinosaur at a museum. Indeed, the options are numerous.

Also, for a truly unforgettable experience, you might be interested in animatronic dinosaurs science at school.

Hopefully, the examples below will get your creative juices — and your own personal love of dinosaurs — to flow freely.


Dinosaur theme activities


  1. Reel Life Vs. Real Life about Dinosaur

You could show your class a clip from a movie or TV show featuring dinosaurs. “Jurassic Park” and “The Land Before Time” are among the many choices.

As they’re watching the video, students should write down anything that they believe is inaccurate about the way the dinosaurs look, move, or act. For instance, in “Jurassic Park,” the raptors are too big.

Next, some students could share their notes. Finally, you could read a list of the mistakes that you noticed.


  1. Time for a Timeline for Dinosaur Ages

In small groups, students could make timelines of the Mesozoic Era on long pieces of paper. They’d first divide a line into nine sections:

  • Early Triassic.
  • Middle Triassic.
  • Late Triassic.
  • Early Jurassic.
  • Middle Jurassic.
  • Late Jurassic.
  • Early Cretaceous.
  • Middle Cretaceous.
  • Late Cretaceous.

Students would identify when each period took place. What’s more, they’d draw and label a few dinosaurs that lived during each time frame.


Timeline for Dinosaur Ages


  1. Junior Paleontologists for Dinosaurs

Divide your class into small groups, and assign each one a different dinosaur. Using textbooks or the internet, each group can research their animal. Along the way, they can answer questions such as:

  • When and where did this dinosaur live?
  • How fast did it move?
  • What did it eat?
  • How did it get its food?
  • Did it live in herds?
  • Did it migrate?

Students can also draw a detailed picture of their dinosaur. Lastly, every group can share its findings with the whole class.


  1. Diorama Day of Dinosaur

Here’s a fun project to assign: Make a shoebox diorama that depicts a dinosaur in its natural habitat. You might supply your students with materials like construction paper, fake grass, pebbles, paint, markers, cotton balls, blue aluminum foil, fabric strips, tissue paper, and pipe cleaners.

When the project is due, you can have a diorama expo. The kids can walk around and admire one another’s work. Dinosaur sound effects would complete the effect.


  1. Tell Me a Story about the Dinosaur

Finally, you might take your students to a local museum or another facility that has a MyDinosaurs animatronic. Alternatively, maybe your school could buy or rent one of these detailed and inspiring creations. Animatronic dinosaurs science at school is especially exciting.


Tell Me a Story about the Dinosaur


After observing this life size dinosaur in action, your kids could write a short story in which they travel back in time and see this animal in person. That tale should be full of information about how this dino looked and behaved.

In the end, these dinosaur theme activities can be as enjoyable for teachers as they are for students. They bring the distant past to vivid life.