Birds originated in the dinosaur it?

Birds of the dinosaurs have views, originated in ancient scholars won the widely accepted, but still have the ornithologists have questioned this, and adhere to the traditional birds originated in the Triassic slot tooth reptiles hypothesis.

They think the beast of the dinosaurs and birds feet similarity is only on the surface, is different categories of biological because living environment and life habits and the evolution of the similar in results. If the fish dragon, the Mesozoic modern whales and fish and their mutual relationships between far away, but because all live in the water, adapted swimmers life, so formed very similar in shape. Birds and beasts of the feet of the wing has three refers to the fore though, but it is a different beast, class is feet 1, 2, 3 point to (4 and 5 has vanished to refer to), and birds is 2, 3, 4 fingers (1 and 5 has vanished to refer to). They think the beast of the 4 feet have disappeared is not possible to regain and evolution to 4 refers to the birds. And just think and birds have many similarities of small beast of foot dinosaurs appear later, and only can be traced back to about 115 million years ago, and ShiZuNiao is live in 150 million years ago, so these small beast of foot is probably not the ancestors of the birds. In addition, the foot of beast of clavicle and avian fork bone is not much alike, birds complex lung not probably originated from the beast of the lungs and all of the feet of the opposition is reason. However, against birds originated in the small beast of the dinosaur foot scientists also not to be able to find and birds may be similar, ancestors of the Triassic period birds concrete tank tooth of animals.

Look, birds originated in the small beast of the hypothesis although dinosaur foot in academic circles paleontology prevailed, but have not been fully recognized the scientific community, the academic debate will continue. But, as more of the evidence found and more in-depth research, believe that do not need too long a time, the origin of birds natural mystery will will be announced, be our humanity finally know.