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Starting from films to cartoons, from amusement parks to museums, dinosaurs capture the spot everywhere. You can even find realistic dinosaur costumes that are designed for various occasions. You can wear them to a theme party, or on the occasion of Halloween, or even in theatre shows where you play the character of a dinosaur. […]

Dinosaurs can turn any event into a massive success. You may have seen some realistic dinosaur costumes at the birthday parties, shopping malls, fairs or festivals. If you want to get one, you can turn to us, or you and rent or hire one too. We have compiled a list of companies which provide dinosaur […]

Which animals lived in ice age? Most of the answers are “Mammoth”. There is no doubt that the mammoth is the best-known animal which lived in the cold glacial times and famous for its pilose appearance and large size. But actually there is a diverse species of the ice age animals. Let’s travel back with […]

Maybe many people dream of building up an own dinosaur themed restaurant, but this is only a dream for most of people, however, we have a customer, who not only make his dream come true but also continue making this idea more interesting. For the first cooperation, our client just want to have some decoration […]

The best-known fossils for the general public are the giant, prehistoric dinosaurs. The fossilized skeletons of these huge, ancient creatures can be seen in many museums and dinosaur theme park. They record the documentation of the evolution and history of life on Earth. Our knowledge of dinosaurs comes from these assembled skeletons and fossilized bones. […]

Customize Your Movie Props As you can see in our projects, our typical customers are parks, museum, shipping mall, schools, as a simulation manufacturer, we can also custom made any other animatronics, skeletons, statues for our customer. Realistic Dragon Costume For Themed Stage Show >> From 2014 to this year, more and more movie-production companies […]

In April, Russian customers visited our work environment and production facilities, exchanging ideas on simulation techniques of ancient creatures. Accompanied by relevant personnels, the customers, with interest, visited the reptiles fossil skeletons, dynamic simulation models and amusement ride facilities in our workshop. Afterwards, they came to the office, and discussed with our dinosaur expert Zhou […]

Customer: Turkish customers Time: 2012.3-2012.5 Abstract: Turkish customers visited our company in March, and spoke highly of our products quality, work flow, technology, service and so on. quality, price, service and so on. And after discussion, we reached cooperation In May, our company, according to the contract, successfully completed the products on time. And the […]

 January 7, 2012, by Shenzhen Satellite TV s show program group invited to participate in the recording of the program of the second phase of the fifth season. Our company’s animatronic dinosaur including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, their appearance on the program, the scene suddenly seemed to have returned to the dinosaur life the magic of […]