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The client who own a farm in Switzerland wants to put some unique decorations on his theme playground – DinoWorld. There are some real animals in their farm, but he is willing to to make this place more attractive and special. so we recommended they animatronic dinosaur and giant bugs, what a coincidence –  they owner […]

My Dino Animatronic Dinosaurs For Top 10 Family Dinosaur Park in UK These 11 sets life sized mechanical dinosaurs are for an old customer from UK,all the models are ready to go UK ! Life Size Mechanical Dinosaur >> Our first cooperation with this customer was in 2014, it was not a big order, but […]

Indoor Dinosaur Theme Park Project In Indonesia Our customer is the largest indoor theme park located in Indonesia which is built on the area of 12.7 hectares. It is a part of This project, which will include Trans Walk and Rodeo Drive, Studio, hotels, and offices of Mega Bank. The life sized animatronic dinosaurs in the park are […]

Our customer is an outdoor rain forest adventure park, according to their budget and theme of there season-Back to Jurassic Period, we figure out a best solution for them, animatronic prehistoric animal and dinosaurs some of them are found in their country,some of them are well known all over the world.   Our animatronic dinosaur […]

This is an open air dinosaur park in Russia, with 22 sets dinosaurs, considering the extreme weather in Russia, considering the extreme weather in Russia, customer choose fiberglass dinosaur statue for this project, experience from our old projects, fiberglass dinosaur statue could stay more than 15 years, but for animatronic models it is around 8 […]

This time our installation team went to the shooting location for the movie Mission: Impossible – The Kingdom of Morocco to do the installation job. This national dinosaur park is a government project which includes realistic dinosaur, simulation animal, animatronic dinosaur skeleton, animatronic plants, walking dinosaur rides and various dinosaur fossil replicas. With full support of native staffs, the […]

This is forth time to cooperate with this Turkish clients, after years’ cooperation we establish a win-win situation with each other, this customer is main focus on design and building up theme park, museum market and other government project in Turkey, This is a new government project of Adana Turkey, to build up a new Jurassic […]