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Zigong city is ocated in Sichuan province, China, it is famous for its long history of ancient ruins and dinosaur fossil relics from the middle Jurassic period. The Zigong Dashanpu dinosaur fossil site is now one of China’s largest dinosaur fossil sites, and is also where the highest amount of dinosaur fossils have been found […]

A realistic historical landmark miniatures, as we can see from the title, is most generally a physical miniature representation of the world-famous landmarks, which maintains accurate relationships between all important aspects of the model, although absolute values of the original properties need not be preserved. This enables a fully display of the original object without […]

Brand : MY DINO Model : Custom Dinosaur Costume Style: Hidden (cover) legs or visible legs costume     Size: Customize according to operator’s height, wight, shoulder width, arm length, leg length, shoe size. (L-4.2M H-1.9M for 5.58~5.9Ft performer) Material: Stainless Steel frame; High density sponge; 3-4 layers silicone rubber, Pigment; Electric parts Sound: Different kinds of lively […]

Basically the our animatronic models are waterproof and sun-proof, it is adapt to outdoor and indoor parks, as the world-class animatronic dinosaur manufacturer, we can customize any size, color, species, materials, control mode, movements … etc per customer’s specification, due to the extreme weather in our customer’s country, we give our suggestion of fireproof high […]

My Dino Animatronic Dinosaurs For Top 10 Family Dinosaur Park in UK These 11 sets life sized mechanical dinosaurs are for an old customer from UK,all the models are ready to go UK ! Life Size Mechanical Dinosaur >> Our first cooperation with this customer was in 2014, it was not a big order, but […]

Zigong My Dinosaurs Culture and Arts Co., Ltd. is an integrated technology enterprise specialized in them park product design, development and production.We focus on research and development of animatronic dinosaurs, robotic animals and insects, dinosaur fossils and skeletons, artificial plants, dinosaur statues and walking dinosaur costume and other animatronic products. Our products are widely used in science and history museums, […]