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Halloween Dinosaurs

Brand : MY DINO Model : Custom Dinosaur Costume Style: Hidden (cover) legs or visible legs costume     Size: Customize according to operator’s height, wight, shoulder width, arm length, leg length, shoe size. (L-4.2M H-1.9M for 5.58~5.9Ft performer) Material: Stainless Steel frame; High density sponge; 3-4 layers silicone rubber, Pigment; Electric parts Sound: Different kinds of lively […]

When the Halloween is right around the corner, we need walking dinosaur costumes to create a lively atmosphere. Besides, road shows also need walking dinosaur costumes to attract passers-by. What Kind of Dinosaur Costume We are Selling? There are a lot of dinosaur costumes available for sale. we are hidden legs dinosaur costume and visible legs dinosaur […]

Halloween dinosaur party is here! Do you want to have a Halloween dinosaur party of your own? For this Halloween dinosaur party,there are some good ideas to prepare it. With theseideas, you may have a much more attractive Halloween dinosaur party! Using Dinosaur Props to Set the Scene Still decorated your party with streamers and balloons? That […]

As we all know, there are dozens of parades parties and pranks at Halloween. People get crazy at parties and play tricks with their friends. Kids dress up to knock neighborhood’s door for Halloween candy. Already tired of old pranks? This year you can try dinosaur prank costume for Halloween. Here are some dinosaur prank […]

Have you ever have fun with watching the movie Jurassic Park? Now imagine if you were wearing the Jurassic Park costume on Halloween the eyes will be attracted on you. Jurassic Park Costume of Overhead T-Rex Mask People who have watched Jurassic Park may be shocked with the fierce tyrannosaurus. You could wear the same […]

Pumpkin is not the only part of the Halloween celebration, it also with different kinds of fancy dresses. Popular Halloween costumes include vampires, ghosts and werewolves. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, Why not to ask Mr.Dino- the Animatronic dinosaur costume to give you a hand. Animatronic Dinosaur Costumes for Tricking […]

Are you ready to dress up in awesome and scary Halloween costumes on the up coming Halloween parties? Except admire spooks, ghouls, zombies, vampires, a scary dinosaur Halloween costume will make you Halloween party perfect ever! Scary Halloween Costume – Zombies Do you know, in the movie “Train to Busan” all the zombie actors are […]

How to catch people’s eyes on Halloween? There are some great ideas for you to make this Halloween a frightfully or delightful night. You may love these ideas if you are a dinosaur fan! Realistic Dinosaur Costume for Parties and Clubs Have you ever think about bringing a realistic, walking, roaring dinosaur costumes to your party? That […]