Changsha National Dinosaur Fossils Exhibition

 Our Clients: Changsha Tianlu[National  Dinosaur Fossils Exhibition]

Time: September 14-18

Abstract: The cooperation of our company in advance of the time in the factory according to customer needs has been the various simulation dinosaur, dinosaur fossils doing what they do, on the 14th day packed full of products shipped to Changsha in Changsha, installation is complete, tour officially open. Full site popularity, quite a force, we simulate dinosaur loved by the people of Changsha.

Workers are still accept TV interviews, introduce tyrannosaurus rex related characteristics;

I company staff are seriously installation simulation dinosaur skeletons;

The tour popularity the full, see the people come and go, hurry up and dinosaurs to zhangs photo;

Workers are busy and robot introduced the arrangement of the circuit relevant circumstances, the cooperation, we dinosaur manufacture fine lifelike, by the love