Chongqing Dinosaur Exhibition

Cooperation Case : Chongqing Museum of Natural History Dinosaur fosiil exhibition.
Time:  5 Novemver 2011 -20 November 2011
Abstract: we and Chongqing Natural History Museum together hold a dinosaur exhibiton in “haiyujiangshan Houses ” .The purpose of this exhibition is to inform people that Dinosaurs would be buried for they cant adapt to the natural enviroment ,though the dinosaurs are very huge.Human beings should take care more about the enviroment, especially the Yangtze River and Wujiang , so that make the water and sky of the Wujiang River and the Yangtze River more clear and more blue .The exhibition will display 15 days for free, Thousands of people visited the large dinosaur fossil public exhibition.

Stegadons which Looks brave and fierce, but in fact very gentle herbivorous dinosaurs, the sharp corners of the head only is their defense.

Corythosaurus also known as Dilophosaurus double, is an early carnivorous dinosaur that lived in the early Jurassic. It is up to 6 meters in length, standing about 2.4 meters from the ground to head,it can be said to be a large dinosaur with slender body. The most important feature of it is the two big long bone crown on its head  . This kind of dinosaurs with high awareness for the lager abundant quantities of fossils unearthed  .

Triangle is the largest angle dragons at present, and it is dicovered latest with the largest of quantities. Its body is very large, the length of its head Equal to a persons height,its weight as weight as a Asian elephant.


Stegosaurus is a huge dinosaur that lived in the Late Jurassic four-legged herbivores. They are considered to be living in the plains, and with the methods of groups and live with other herbivores such as Diplosaurus.