Dinosaur Gardens Prehistoric Zoo: Excellent Product of Folk Art

Dinosaur Gardens Prehistoric Zoo is a tourist attraction in Ossineke, Michigan, United States. Built on a 40-acre tract of drained swampland, visitors to the “zoo” encounter several dozen home-made sculptures of dinosaurs, prehistoric birds, prehistoric mammals, and cavemen, many of which are arranged into action-packed scenes. The attraction, started by folk artist Paul N. Domke in the 1930s.

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Life size dinosaur reproductions, nestled among 40 acres of beautiful land provide an educational, entertaining and exciting change of pace. There are many photo opportunities, including a view from atop the pterodactyl’s nest! Nature lovers will enjoy the cedar swamp in its natural state, along with wild flower and numerous flora and fauna native to northern Michigan. Photographers and bird lovers also have a wonderful choice of views including the beautiful Devil River.

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And, both young and old access to enjoy the 18 hole Raptors Mini Golf Retreat. Place your putt in the hole of a dinosaur replica green, then sit on a picnic table and enjoy a quick hot dog and soda. How pleasant it is.Right?

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From a tiny prehistoric gem to a large scale dinosaur replica, gift shop in the park provides something for everyone. The shop also provide great gift ideas including dinosaur costume, stuffed animals, dinosaur model, as well as educational games and books for the dinosaur fans.

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Visitors can have a picnic treat from the snack bar or bring own lunch. The park also have the Ice Ages Frozen Yogurt Topping Bar with all sorts of toppings including fresh fruit, nuts, sauces, candies.

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