Dinosaur-themed Water Parks that You Can Enjoy in Summer

Summer is right around the corner. If you are confused on where to take your kids for a day or two trips on weekends, dinosaur-themed water park can be a good choice. It is a known fact that kids are always inquisitive about dinosaurs and these dinosaur water parks are sure to surprise them, and they would enjoy to their fullest. Some of the best dinosaur themed parks scatter all over the world.

This is a list of dinosaur-themed water parks around the globe that gives you a feel of being in a Jurassic Park.

  • Dino Water Park, khon kaen, Thailand

At the mention of the word dinosaur-themed park, the Dino Water Park at Thailand comes first to one’s mind. Spread across sprawling 40 acres, this theme park is designed especially for splash adventure. It is the largest water park in Southeast Asia that has over more than 20 giant slides and many other attractions like:

  • Wave Pool
  • Space Boat
  • Family Rafting
  • Windigo
  • Lazy River
  • Aqua Tower
  • Space Shuttle
  • Kamikaze
  • Freefall
  • Looping Rocket
  • Giant Body Slide
  • Space Hole
  • Aquatube

dinosaur alive water

This spectacular dino themed park is a treat to your eyes. This should be on the list when you pack your bags for a Southeast Asian trip.

  • Dinosaur Alive Theme Park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This resort takes you back in time to the dinosaur era. Kids can enjoy playing with the animatronic dinosaurs and the adults can have a gala time here with some great good food around the corner. This is a part of a huge hotel in KL City. This place is very happening with activities conducted for all age groups, and it has so many constructions of dinosaurs around it that one can feel like they are living amidst dinosaurs.

  • Dino Water Park, Playa Blanca

Spain is one of the most flocked destinations in the world. The coast off Playa Blanca is known to house some of the best water-themed parks in the world; the Dino Water Park is one of them. It is open all around the year. It has a separate entry fee for kids and adults. There are also accommodation facilities available. If one chooses to take the accommodation option, then there is no charge for entry.

This is the best Dino water theme park to escape from the scorching heat of the sun when one is in Spain for a holiday. The clean surroundings of this park prove to be a good spot for the kids as they tend to spend more time in the waters.

Dinosaur Alive Theme Park e1436952035356

  • Dinosea World Park, Thakua Thang District, Thailand

Another dinosaur-themed water park in Thailand. This park is known for its splendid locales, and it has the best animatronic dinosaurs in the world when it comes to dinosaur water-themed parks. The best part is the high raise diving platform where one can do some acrobatic stunts and dive into the 30m deep pool. The park has a lot of rides for both adults and kids. The obstacle courses here are the highlights. It is a new park, and people would love to visit it more than once.

  • Dino Beach, Shanghai, China

This is a theme park that is located very close to the City Centre. This place boasts of having Asia’s largest Wave Pool. There are many such attractions in this splendid place. It is a bit pricey but worth the price paid for the variety of entertainment options. Kids can enjoy the numerous water rides in this place. There are separate pools for small children alike with lesser depths. When someone is planning a trip to China, they should visit this park.

  • Changzhou Dino WaterTown Changzhou, China

Changzhou Dino Water Town is a section of China Dinosaurs Park. It is the very first dinosaur-themed water park in China with an area of 43000 square meters. Dino Water Town is in Baroque style. And the buildings also reflect ‘dinosaur elements‘, where visitors can enjoy delicious food and participate in leisure and entertaining activities.

changzhou dinosaur park

  • Dinosaur Adventurein Norfolk, UK

If one happens to visit the UK in the summers, then they should take a day trip to Dinosaur Adventure in Norfolk, UK. The place is the best for kids. There are umpteen indoor and outdoor games to keep the kids entertained all throughout the day.

  • Dinosaurs alive at King Island

This park has about 364 acres, and it is the biggest of all the dinosaurs’ alive themed parks in the USA. This place is a must-visit attraction with kids on the weekends. There are more than 80 rides in the park and it is one of the oldest in the USA. The park is constantly ranked the top places on the list of best amusement parks in the world. Another great feature of this place is that there are more than 60 life-sized dinosaurs that are on display in this park. The kids who are very curious to know about the creatures that walked the earth millions of years ago enjoy this place a lot.


What should one keep in mind before visiting these Dinosaur water theme parks?

These Water theme parks are the best places for enjoyment in summer. But at the same time, one should also be careful while enjoying. Few tips are suggested:

  • Always keep an eye on your kids. There are spots where the depth of the water is great.
  • Stays hydrated and wear a good sunscreen.
  • Always carry your swimsuits and avoid buying the suits from the theme parks for they don’t go well with few people.
  • Don’t carry any valuables. In the peak of enjoyment, one might lose it.

The dinosaur parks are very fascinating. Even the Disney World in the United States has a section of animatronics of dinosaurs. In this hot summer, why not have a visit to a dinosaur-themed water park?

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