Global warming or help the dinosaurs rebirth

Web of Science ( News came to film Jurassic Park Part 4 of the news, the future of 3D film Jurassic worth all the fans expectations. However, some recent survey of scientists, seems to presage the future may see a real dinosaur, Jurassic Park, may appear in the real world is no longer a fantasy.

In addition to man-made damage to the environment, the current global warming has also affected the survival of many species, leading to the extinction of some species or endangered, and this environment is more conducive to the growth of the dinosaurs, the dinosaurs created favorable conditions for the revival.

This is not shocking. Recently, the American paleontologist found confirmed, occurred 201 million years ago in the late Triassic mass extinction event was the half of the land and marine species in a clean sweep, which led to the rise of dinosaurs. The extinction event wiped out almost all of the original crocodiles, dinosaurs would remove the greatest for the early competitors, and eventually boarded a dominant position. The current situation with the Earth was very similar.To find out how volcanic eruptions led to this massive global extinction event, a paleontologist at the University of Utrecht Micha Ruhl and his colleagues on some very small-scale fossil record was studied. These fossils of the ancient Mediterranean sediments, when the submarine in the long geological era into todays alpine.

Researchers in the United States July 21, “Science” magazine online edition reported that their marine sediments from Austria to extract a different organic molecules. Molecular chain of the molecule from the 23-35 carbon atoms, is washed to the bottom part of the ancient plant wax. Molecular ratio of two isotopes of carbon absorbed by plants can reveal the different sources of carbon – carbon dioxide caused by volcanic eruptions or the methane locked in ice, this analysis shows that the Triassic isotope ratio changed dramatically. Accordingly, the researchers calculated that in just 10000-2 million years, 120,000 tons of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.

This value is almost determined before the carbon dioxide or methane emissions twice. And the new isotope analysis showed that more methane is emitted into the atmosphere, which is a much more effective than carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. Ruhl and his colleagues believe that volcanic activity may be increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, resulting in the first round of climate warming, then the sea-bed methane-rich ice melt, releasing large amounts of methane, the warming accelerated rapidly, more for the warm climate of the early dinosaurs, along with a lot of reproduction.

University of California, Santa Cruz oceanographer James Zachos of the ancient that reveals the new isotope record is undoubtedly “a big signal.” Convincing evidence of “a major extinction event and carbon gas emissions associated with.” However, Palisades, New York City, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, a paleontologist Paul Olsen stressed that the outbreak of how these gases are so many species to extinction is still a mystery. He said: “In any case, I believe that volcanism in some way caused this mass extinction.”