What are Good Dinosaur Places to go on Vacation with Children on 2019 Summer Holiday

Are you or your kids fascinated by dinosaurs? Visiting a dinosaur themed spot with animatronic dinosaurs in park adds to the excitement of your 2019 dinosaur vacation.

Animatronics are perfect additions in many parks. They are not only attractive, livelier, thrilling, but they also appear real. Therefore, they are an attraction for all ages. For an up-close encounter with these amazing creatures, impressive fossils, great exciting rides and more things to do, here are some of the best dinosaur park and Jurassic dinosaur-themed amusement parks to visit.


The best Parks to Visit this summer

  • The Field Station: Dinosaurs-New Jersey

The Field Station is an outdoor dinosaur spot that offers a realistic feel of how these amazing creatures roamed. Kids will be treated to an array of dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures and a dino trail walk. There is also a mini theatre show at the park where kids can play and have a lot of fun.


The Field Station Dinosaurs New Jersey


  • Cabazon Dinosaurs; California

Cabazon Dinosaurs, in Cabazon California exhibit amazing giant dinosaurs. There are more than 50 dinosaurs that roar, move and offer a thrilling experience to everyone visiting. At the park, you can enjoy a climatic view of a nearby desert at the mouth of Mr Rex Dinosaur.


Cabazon Dinosaurs California


  • Nash Dinosaur Track Site and Rock Shop

This is a park located in South Hadley, Massachusetts. This is the place to visit to learn more about dino history including how the state’s first dinosaur tracks were found. Personal impression footprints of dinosaurs are sold at the Rock Shop.


Nash Dinosaur Track Site and Rock Shop


  • Dino Land, Carver, Massachusetts

Dino Land is part of the Deauville Family Theme Park. Here, you can enjoy self-guided tours past over 23 animatronic dinosaurs,  life-size Dinosaurs. Here, you can meet and greet, enjoy a bone shaker ride and a shooting galore.


Dino Land Carver Massachusetts


  • Dinosaur State Park, Connecticut

Located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, Dinosaur State Park has about 500 dinosaur prehistoric tracks. It is the largest dinosaur track in North America and has a museum that displays the fossils of dilophosaurus. This was the largest carnivorous dinosaurs during the early Jurassic days. There is also a kid museum at the park.


Dinosaur State Park Connecticut


  • Dinosaur Place at Nature’s Art Village

This is a family Friendly Park with beautiful nature trails. There are over 40 life-sized creatures along the trails. Kids can have extra fun on the Maze assures that slides out of T. Rex’s mouth.


Dinosaur Place at Nature s Art Village


  • Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas

Located in Glen Rose, Texas, the Dinosaur Valley State Park is full of dinosaur footsteps. You can have fun along Paley River bed, camp, hike, grab your Thermophore food thermometer, make your favourite snacks, and go picnicking, fishing, swimming or biking at the park.


Dinosaur Valley State Park Texas


  • Dinosaur World: Glen Rose, Texas, Plant City, Florida and Cave City, Kentucky

Dinosaur World is found in these three locations. They are feature packed with hundreds of beautiful life-sized dinosaurs. They have dino themed playfields and exciting exhibits. At these parks, you and the kids can dig fossils, minerals and gems. For more adventure, you can excavate skeletons buried in the sand. Florida Park offers two amazing interactive dinosaur shows.


Dinosaur World Glen Rose Texas Plant City Florida and Cave City Kentucky


With these parks and much more in mind, you can plan a thrilling vacation in 2019. Immerse your kids, family and friends in a world of dinosaur fun and get up close with the prehistoric giants.