One of the most successful dinosaurs, species of Iguanodon have been found in many parts of the world.

Iguanodon could probably walk on all fours or on 2 legs. It had a large thumb spike, probably to fend off predators. Muscle attachment areas inside its head suggest that it may have had a long tongue.

More Information

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Fact file

  • Pronounced: ig-WHA-noh-don
  • Meaning of name: iguana tooth
  • Length: 10m
  • Weight: 4000kg – 5000kg
  • Teeth: chewing cheek teeth and horny beak
  • Diet: herbivorous
  • Food: plant material
  • How it moved: on 2 or 4 legs
  • When it lived: Early Cretaceous
    (140 – 110 million years ago)
  • Found in: England, United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Spain, Belgium

Taxonomic details

  • Taxonomy: Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Genasauria, Cerapoda, Ornithopoda, Euornithopoda, Iguanadontia, Euiguanadontia, Dryomorpha, Ankylopollexia, Iguanodontoidea, Iguanodon
  • Named by: Boulenger and van Beneden (1881)
  • Type species: bernissartensis