JiMo BaoLong City Square Dinosaur Exhibition

QingDao JiMo BaoLong City Square Dinosaur Exhibition

customers?Qing Dao JiMo BaoLong City Square
Date:29th,June ,2012 to 19th ,July 2012
JiMo Baolong City Plaza “Po Dragon ” large dinosaur theme exhibition activity since its inception in June 29 gains the high quality concern by the majority of Jimo citizens.At the same time, it is the summer vacation, many popular science-loving students also go there to make a glimpse of these prehistoric animals style.
To inform the public more understanding of dinosaurs and gain more related scientific knowledge of dinosaurs,Our simulation dinosaur models, fossil skeletons, dinosaur rides as well as simulation fossil specimens were exhibited on the dinosaur exhibition.  There are T-rex,Stegosaurs,Yangchuanosaurus,Yunnanosaurus,Mamenchisaurus and so on , they are loved by children, expecially the 23 meters longed mamenchisaurus skeleton and the dinosaur rides.In addition, the dinosaur exhibition also has all kinds of activities and the summer gifts which enrich the public life in JiMo.
 Yangchuanosaurus skeleton
Mammoth skeleton near by the escalator.
Citizens are viewing the dinosaur fossil specimen.
A couple of lovers shows the sweet in the front of mamenchisaurus skeleton.
It looks like an expert with the look and dress.
Cant touch a piece of its rib.It is really large mamenchisaurus with its huge height.
The next dinosaur exhibition-Licang Baolong Square itinerant dinosaur exhibition on August.