Lotosaurus is an extinct genus of sail-backed poposauroid known from Hunan Province of central China.

Lotosaurus is known from the holotype IVPP V 4881 (or possibly V 4880), articulated well-preserved skeleton, and from the referred specimens IVPP V 48013, skull, articulated and disarticulated skeletal remains of at least ten individuals, all came from a monotypic bonebed. All specimens were collected from the Lotosaurus site, from the Batung Formation (or alternatively Xinlingzhen Formation of the Badong Group), dating to the Anisianstage of the early Middle Triassic, about 245-237 million years ago.

Lotosaurus was 1.5 to 2.5 m (4.9 to 8.2 ft) long and a heavily built quadruped. It was a herbivore, shearing off leaves with its toothless, beaked jaws.Lotosaurus, like some other members of the Poposauroidea, had a sail on its back, granting it an appearance superficially similar to that of Permianpelycosaurs like Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus, although not as high.

Lotosaurus was originally thought to be a thecodont, probably related to Ctenosauriscus and other archosaur taxa with elongated neural spines (=Ctenosauriscidae). Many recent cladistic analyses confirmed this affinity. Nesbitt (2007) was the first to suggest that Lotosaurus is more closely related to Shuvosaurus (a shuvosaurid) than to Arizonasaurus (a ctenosauriscid). In his massive revision of archosaurs which included a largecladistic analysis, Sterling J. Nesbitt (2011) found Lotosaurus to be a poposauroid, sister group of the Shuvosauridae, and therefore it is not included in the Ctenosauriscidae. Further studies confirmed these results.

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