Minimum dinosaur fossils on show

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles debut in North Americas smallest dinosaur found fossilized.The early 1970s had been unearthed dinosaur fossils, scientists are identifying and recently been named.The Museum of the four dinosaur fossils, including dinosaur skull, spine, forelimb and leg fragments.

Scientists said that the name “Fruitadens Haagarorum” dinosaur, lived about 150 million years ago in the Jurassic period. It weighs less than 900 grams, stand up, only 10 cm high, from start to finish of the body length of only about 71 cm. It is understood that fragments of dinosaur skulls and limbs of 30 years ago in Colorado, was dug out, and has been stored in museums. Until recently, the museums scientists discovered that it belongs to a new dinosaur species.

Scientists point out that its front and both sides of the jaw were fang-like and leaf-shaped teeth, I believe it is omnivorous dinosaur.

Director of the Institute Qiapei dinosaur museum, said, in addition to plants, it will eat insects and other small animals. Because of its small size, agility, it can be in a large carnivorous dinosaurs legs shuttle. He added that the dinosaur is not only the smallest North American dinosaur found so far is one of the worlds smallest dinosaur.