National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo

The National Museum of Nature and Science is in the northeast corner of Ueno Park in Tokyo. Established in 1877, the Museum boasts one of the richest histories of any museum in Japan. It has had several names, including Ministry of Education Museum, Tokyo Museum, Tokyo Science Museum, the National Science Museum of Japan, and the National Museum of Nature and Science as of 2007. As the Japan’s only nationally administered comprehensive science museum, The National Museum of Nature and Science is a central institute for research in natural history and history of science and technology.NMNSNMNS  The Museum has two permanent exhibitions, Japan gallery and Global gallery. And it saves massive specimens,plant specimens, antiquities and skeleton fossils.


Japan gallery principal shows the address, biology, human and the natural change of Japanese archipelago. The exhibits include animal specimens, plant specimens, Japan’s minerals, bones, etc. It also has some dinosaur fossils and the equipment of scientific observation, such as microscope and seismograph.NMNS

In the Global gallery, abundant fossils and skeleton model of mammals and birds exposit the origins and evolution of life. It is worth mentioning that there has a whole floor exhibiting dinosaur skeletons and fossils which is aim to explore the mysteries of dinosaur evolution. What’s more, the Global gallery provide a location to learn basic physical science and geoscience for children and teenagers.


Utilizing collections and research results, the Museum presents many exhibitions. In fiscal 2014, the Museum welcomed over 1.7 million visitors at the Ueno District, Tsukuba Botanical Garden and Institute for Nature Study.


If you are a fan of Japan’s natural science or dinosaur, The National Museum of Nature and Science is good choice. Here is the museum’s website:, you can have more useful information about it hopefully.