Parasites Led To The Extinction Of Tyrannosaurus

Previously scientists had thought that the species of dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus rex, including a giant comet collision is due to the Earth and cause extinctions, but in fact they are more likely to suffer a kind of bird can kill a modern single-cell parasite attacks. Chicago Museum of Natural History scientists in the United States called for a “rest” of the T. rex skeleton in-depth analysis, they found a female Tyrannosaurus rex in the jaw there is a hole, which is due to something called the “Trichomonas disease (trichomonosis) “bird parasites.

Until this study was published before the scientists believe that the hole in the jaw with a Tyrannosaurus Rex and other dinosaur battle might be time to stay. The scientists pointed out that only 42 feet long, 7-ton dinosaurs throat and mouth had been subjected to severe parasite infections, and eventually can not eat starve to death.This latest study focuses on “off” This is a female T. rex dinosaur fossils and other specimens of nine throat injury situation, after the scientists think that this is mainly between dinosaurs biting or fighting bacterial infection caused.University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA dinosaur expert Ivan – Wolf (Ewan Wolff) is a co-author of the study, he said: “In modern birds, the disease caused by trichomoniasis in our attention, which may explain the mystery of dinosaur throat main potential damage when we started in-depth attention trichomoniasis, we found that many dinosaurs trichomoniasis infection signs. “In birds, body, trichomoniasis is caused by a parasite called Trichomonas caused. This parasite is usually spread by pigeons and other birds, pigeons often carry trichomonas, but rarely symptoms of the disease. The Falcon and the Eagle after infection but can cause serious damage to the throat. Wolf said that this type of injury is very close to the dinosaurs throat throat wound hole appeared.Wolf stressed that the Tyrannosaurus rex and other dinosaurs fighting between the wound is not common, but this type of injury occurs with the current injury in the throat there is a clear difference. Trichomonas hole caused by the wound looks more neat and smooth edges, and bite wounds caused by fighting, but it is very rough, while their wounds and marks left on bones is not the same.

Tyrannosaurus rex is a social animal, they often gather live together, hunt together, eat, sometimes they even among themselves bloodthirsty. Wolf said, trichomoniasis is likely to be addicted to food by the saliva or similar spread, but it is worth noting that scientists have of this disease does not appear in other species of dinosaur body. This allows us to guess the Tyrannosaurus Rex is probably the main source of trichomoniasis, the disease only in their living environment in the spread.Wolf pointed out that the tyrannosaur in vivo in Trichomonas infection has spread, “priority”, or even cause them to die of this disease is the direct cause. When they are serious infections of the throat injury can not eat, whether they are physically strong again, also because of hunger and poor health and death. Currently, this latest study has been published in recent issue of “Public Library of Science Integrated” (PLoS ONE) magazine.