Surprise Your Kid with Dinosaur Birthday Party

Is your kid’s birthday reaching or you are thinking to host a Christmas party for your kid? If this is the case with you then you can look forward to a dinosaur theme party for your kid. As this can be a good option for you to explore while planning a surprise party for your kid. The kids love the cartoonist’s characters as they are bound to be one of the new ones to be loved by them. Watching their friends coming in dinosaur costumes in their home will definitely fill them with a thrill and make them look excited for the coming adventure for them.

Let’s have a look at the various surprises that you can plan for your kid on their big day:

1.Dinosaur Cake: The theme cakes are very much fashion, people like to order a Barbie cake for their daughters. How about a cake having a dinosaur printed on them or in the shape of a dinosaur? Excited!!! Isn’t it, yes there is such kind of bakeries that can help you in gifting a birthday cake to your child in the form you wanted too. So, let this time help you with one of the best adventures to come to your house in the form of birthday cake.

dream dinosaur cake birthday

2.Dinosaur Costumes: The Dinosaur theme party can make you feel excited with your kid. For him, it will be a real surprise to walk with a “real” dinosaur. Wearing inside the dinosaur, you can control it by blinking eyes, opening mouth with roaring sound,swinging tail and moving head. Don’t you think it will be an amazing experience to play with your kid as a dinosaur in your home with the best of the costumes you can get from the market!

Dinosaur costume for kids

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3.Dinosaur Accessories: A party does require lots of accessories to go for, once you plan for the party to look for the various accessories like you can buy Dinosaur puppets, mask, goggles, sticks, etc. for your kid and his friends. In addition to the same, another thing that you can do to create a dinosaur party is you can put up stickers, banners of different kind of dinosaurs, tablecloths and even can distribute caps and dinosaur shorts for the little ones.


dinosaur hand puppet shopping mall 1

Dinosaur Birthday Party Accessories – Baby Dinosaur Puppets >>

4.Dinosaur cars and Scooters: To make the party more happening you can look forward to bringing dinosaur scooters or cars at home that are in the shape of dinosaurs. You can decorate it with stickers and banners so that it looks like a part of the birthday party. There are various kinds of scooters on the internet,you can buy them for your kid and his friends.

Battery Dinosaur Car 2

Dinosaur Birthday Party Dinosaur Riding Car for Kids >>

5.Dinosaur games: You can devise various games as the theme is dinosaur than the games should also be linked with them only like you can plan dinosaur digs, hide and seek and riddles. The winners getting dinosaur statues or puppets to play with.

6.Dinosaur puppet shows: The puppets are loved by kids, they just want to watch their shows every time they enter into a party. And having a puppet show for birthdays is also a trend these days. But as the theme is the dinosaur than you need to do something with the same only. So, plan a story that is linked with the history of dinosaur and display various facts and figures related to them. Do know these puppet shows are one of the best in giving the requisite information to the people and do look for making the information so that they will from the same too.

dinosaur hand puppet shopping mall

Dinosaur Hand Puppet Show >>

Halloween dinosaurs puppet

Dinosaur Birthday Party Show Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppets >>

7.Dinosaur Crockery: You can get printed dinosaur glasses for your guests for having their drinks. There are options for cutlery like printed plates, bowls, spoons, etc. that you can collect in vibrant colors for your kid’s party. There are many innovative options available to celebrate the dinosaur birthday party for your kid, which not only make him super excited but also make him surprise too. So be ready for dinosaurs coming to your home this year.

8.Dinosaur Movie: The movies are one of the best media to let the people know what you want to show them. The movies based on dinosaurs like Jurassic park can be shown to the children through a projector can be included as one of the options too. As children are very much fond of movies and they do love to watch them on screen. So, let them fulfill their wish.

9.Dinosaur return gifts: As everyone has entered a dinosaur birthday party, a return gift is definitely expected from you. So, once you are looking forward to a party, then do know that what you gonna give to your kid’s friends. There are some options for the same as you can get the dinosaur statues for them, you can also give them games that are based on dinosaur adventures and in addition to the t-shirts as well printed with dinosaur pictures.

The dinosaurs have been one of the best in creating an aura that will make your kids day. So, take your first step for planning a party for your kid and you can search for various options online too. Like renting of dresses on the birthdays, masks, and the other accessories. One of the advantages of buying online everything is that you cater to a big marketplace as compared to the others. This helps you in choosing from a flurry of options.

Do look first online before stepping into a market as there are many options available, but you need to do some research for the same. There are also various theme parks that are situated in various parts of the world you can collect various accessories related to the dinosaurs from there itself and make a collection of them. There are many things that are coming up like getting dinosaur boxes, stationery, home stuff, crockery etc. So, do remember to pick one for yourself and your beloved kid’s party so that this time he should have a dinosaur birthday party.