Ten of the most popular dinosaur inventory

    This ancient dinosaur biology, we have not seen. So curious, like a child is special. Now most of the simulation to see dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils. With scientific progress, technological advancement, we gradually come to understand a lot of knowledge about dinosaurs. Know the dinosaurs are divided into many types, in many dinosaur classification, what is your favorite kind of? Here we list the top ten most popular dinosaur species. Believe also you like it:

     First Tyrannosaurus rex: in any case we will not forget this king of the dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurus Rex. This may be alive to the last non-avian dinosaurs. It lives in 7000000-655 years before North America. And others, like Tyrannosaurus rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex is a two-legged predators, it is just a huge head and long tail in the balance. It was big and strong compared to the hind limbs, Tyrannosaurus forelimbs are very small, but very powerful, but also long with two toes. While some carnivorous theropod dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex to be better than on the body, it can be regarded as the largest known Tyrannosaurus rex, the largest land carnivore is one size, about 42 feet long, about 13 to buttocks feet tall, weighs 6.8 tonnes, is the top predator Tyrannosaurus Rex.

     Second Athlon: Athlon perhaps the most familiar dinosaurs, which lived about 7,000 million years to 7,000 million years ago. Ben Long is a medium-sized Athlon, Athlon adult about 6.8 feet, about 1.6 feet high, weighs about 15 kg. Athlons head can grow to 9.8 inches long, curved back was unique, and thus below the upper surface convex to concave.

     Fragile Dragon is the third dual-chamber discovered so far the largest and most important dinosaur. It may be the longest of vertebrates have been found, about 30-40 meters, with a total weight reached about 122 tonnes. Tremendous variation in size of any factors that have evolved from talking about the origin of this species. We take a look at the giant herbivorous mammals like elephants and rhino research, these studies show that the greater size herbivores, the higher the efficiency of food digestion. Given the huge animals digestive system the more the longer the food in the digestive system time to stay longer, so that these large animals can rely on these low-quality food to survive.

      The fourth show jaw Dragon: This animal is only as big as turkey, light weight 0.26 grams, it lives in about a million years ago in Europe. It is the smallest known dinosaur. Show jaw dragon is the worlds few sure the food we eat dinosaurs, because they are retained in the stomach of residual small lizards. Although the discovery did not recognize what species it belongs, but the dragon is the first jaw show a more complete skeleton from the beginning to be recognized, is the smallest, and most closely related to the early bird Archaeopteryx dinosaur. Therefore, this dinosaur outside the boundary is also well known in paleontology.

     Fifth Archaeopteryx: Archaeopteryx lived in the late Jurassic may be the earliest known flying carnivorous theropod dinosaurs. If defined as a bird Archaeopteryx, then birds, bird-shaped organisms are not very much. Early bird is a branch of dinosaurs, including its late representative, birds, and most immediately extinct close relatives of birds. Archaeopteryx and the size and shape similar to the European Magpie, it can grow to a meter long. Despite the small size, it has large wings, so presumably it should have the ability to fly. Compared to Archaeopteryx and modern birds, it seems closer to a small theropod carnivores. It theropod dinosaurs have many similar characteristics: the lower jaw with fangs, claws with three fingers, a long vertebral tail, can be extended over the second toe, feathers and many of the characteristics of the skeleton. These characteristics may explain the dinosaurs and birds, Archaeopteryx is the transition. Thus, Archaeopteryx, not only in the study of the origin of birds has an important position, but also for the study of dinosaurs.

     Sixth Stegosaurus: Because of its unique tail spines and bony plates, Stegosaurus is one of the best known of the dinosaurs. They live in one hundred and fifty million to one hundred million four thousand five hundred years ago, an era dominated by the giant creatures. Stegosaurus huge physique, is a herbivore. Its position is unique, huge rounded back, a very short forelimbs, head from the ground close to the rigid tail is high up on the air. Its two ribs plate and bone spurs are often a topic of speculation. These spines are most likely to protect themselves, and these bone plate is also considered a weapon to protect themselves, but also to show off and used to maintain body temperature (cooling) function. Dragon Sword Dragon in the firm is the largest in size, but only the bus so much, about 30 feet long, 14 feet high. This four-legged dinosaur dinosaur is one of the best to identify, because it is erected round the back two rows of bony plates, like kite, top with a long tail with two long spines on the horizontal arrangement. Despite the huge size, it is in front of its peers sauropod appeared to be very short.

      Seventh Triceratops: Triceratops is the limbs animals, there is a large body bone hem and three angles, and looks somewhat similar to the modern rhinoceros. It is the dinosaur family, one of the best to identify the species. Despite the terrible tyrannosaurus with living in the same area and often become their prey, it is unclear whether these two species actually occurred, as the museum or some pictures of the war described. It was a unique feature hem and three angles is always the subject of controversy. Although the traditional view that these are used to protect themselves against predators their weapons, but recent theory suggests that these are more likely to be used courtship behavior, as is the angle of the same deer and goats.

      Eighth back of a dragon: back of a dragon is often considered the founder of armored dinosaurs. It is the body with the characteristics of crustacean vertebral body and huge tail. But the back of a dragon is a dragon, a species maximum. Compared with land animals now, back of a dragon is particularly great. Some of it is about science and the estimated length 30 feet, although very short, but large size, great strength it can spread to the rear, creating a powerful destructive force.

      Long slip ninth tooth: Dragon tooth sliding is the only science where the dinosaurs category do not belong to the species, but because they live together with the dinosaurs in Jurassic time, it is usually on it as a dinosaur . Fossil teeth found in the main slide area in England and France, in Russia there are a smaller species found. It is the same as rowing limbs that it is a strong swimmer.