The Mayor Of Ankara, Led Delegation To Visit

The Mayor Of Ankara led delegation to visit the dinosaur show.

In late December, our staff  extended warm welcome to a delegation group of more than 10 people led by  Mr.Melth Gokcek, Major of Ankara, Turkish capital city.

Animatronic Dinosaurs

Customers from Ankara, Turkey, in March of this year, visited our company of the related products, and expressed a higher rating and strong intention to cooperate, they quickly identified the partnership. Simulation dinosaur products of our company after a few months of production, inspection, transport, made their debut on the Ankara dinosaur exhibition in June, and successfully staged the exciting visit pomp dinosaur exhibition.

Animatronic Dinosaurs

Turkey customers visited with two purposes, one was expressing thanks to successful cooperation of the last dinosaur exhibition, and the other  was for the next subsequent large-scale purchases put forward their demands.  After listening to details told by manager Zheng  of our new products, they believed that it was consistent with their procurement requirements, and expressed high interest in green products.

This visit not only  further deepened mutual understanding, but also laid a good foundation to boom the developments of the international market for our products. In the field of simulation dinosaur products, we will give full scope to their own advantage, continue to have confidence in making  a  global  share bigger and stronger.