The world Is First Dinosaur To Venomous

The world is first dinosaur to venomous

China is Chi Long Branch Long birds have feathered dinosaur fossil found in Liaoning Province of China, under the age of the Cretaceous. Chinese dragon is the fifth birds feathered dinosaur discovered, and was discovered in 1999, is a feathered dinosaur the closest to a bird.

December 22, 2009, U.S. scientists found that the Chinese dragon is the world is first birds to venomous dinosaurs – it is like a snake today, as the fangs of venom into the prey body, so as to effectively paralyze the prey. Although the Chinese dragon and a bird can not fly, but it produced a series of structural changes to adapt to the flight, the skeletal system has been fully equipped with a beat-of-flight requirements, is a typical pre-evolutionary model. The discovery of Chinese dragon birds theropod dinosaurs to birds, evolution provides the most convincing evidence, and for the evolution of some important morphological features provide a connection link, allows us to more in-depth understanding of the origin of birds. (This article is taken from the “Chinese National Geography” No. 596)