Tiny Town & Railroad, The One Hundred – year – old Mini Park

Tiny Town & Railroad is a miniature village containing over 100 1/6 scale buildings and a 15 in gauge miniature railway close to Morrison, Colorado.

Tiny Town 1

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In 1915, Denver moving company owner George Turner began building the miniature buildings for his young daughter. The town, called Turnerville, was opened to the public in 1920 and has been a delight for kids and families ever since. The train was added in 1939 and the name became Tiny Town.

Tiny Town 2

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The miniature marvel was home to everything from a grocery store, to a couple of little lakes, to a school, and more. Each feature was decked out with tiny little inhabitants living out their inanimate little lives.

Tiny Town 3

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Unfortunately, in the ensuing years, Tiny Town was damaged by numerous fires and floods. Due to the repair of several people, Tiny Town has been open continuously in 1989, and features miniature replicas of famous Colorado landmarks including the Coney Island Hot Dog, Stanley Mill, Arvada Flour Mill, The Fort, Argo Gold Mill, and an intricate replica of Denver’s former Victorian fire station.

Tiny Town 4

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Today, the little city continues to thrive. There are more than 100 hand-crafted miniature buildings in the collection, and each one still has a fascinating little scene on display. The town also is home to rural and mountain setting, Authentic steam train rides, Snack bar, Gift shop.

Tiny Town 5

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Even after nearly a century, Tiny Town still offers a glimpse into the charming, wholesome fun of yesteryear. If you want to get more information about the town, link up with the following links: http://tinytownrailroad.com/.

Tiny Town 6


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