Tyrannosaurus Ancestor – Colorful Guanlong Dinosaur

Found in the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang is the earliest known guanlong colorful dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex, one of which lived in the Jurassic 160 million years ago, the late well-known than its relatives – Tyrannosaurus years to early 9200. Colorful guanlong only about 3 meters long, do not stand up to 1 meter, and the Cretaceous more than 10 meters long, up to 4 meters above the Raptors can not be compared completely. But its morphology is very similar with the Tyrannosaurus rex, also have strong hind legs, like birds in general the head and sharp teeth, indicating that it is a ferocious meat-eating dinosaurs. Its biggest feature is the head of a large crown, the crown is very thin, presumably mainly for decoration. Unlike the latter part of Tyrannosaurus class short forelimbs, long forelimbs guanlong colorful, three-toed limbs on, the body as well as feathers and forelimbs as wings, the birds are very similar. Its name in the “colorful” comes from its location found Wucaiwan.