XiangSheLi Dinosaur Exhibition

cooperation case: Shandong XiangSheLi
Time: October 29 – November 6
Abstract: The “Dinosaur is coming – through the Jurassic,  XiangSheLi dinosaur exhibition,” Our company provide several lifelike and vivid animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaurs fossil & skeletons.The Tyrannosaurus Rex who are unusual ferocity and are the “prehistoric hegemony” , the Mamenchisurus with 23 meters Long ,and the gentle and artful little animatronic dragon and the SinTeryx who will fly like a bird are all the reprsentatives for the Dinosaurs and they make the interpretation of the evolutionary process of the hundreds of millions of years ago, the Mesozoic Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous. The tourists were took back to prehistoric million years,and they experienced the dinosaurs ages.

 It need take litte effort to assemble the 23Meters long Mamenchisurus.

The fossil skeleton of the “Prehistoric hegemony” T. rex

 In the history of the most domineering of “security.”