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The best-known fossils for the general public are the giant, prehistoric dinosaurs. The fossilized skeletons of these huge, ancient creatures can be seen in many museums and dinosaur theme park.They record the documentation of the evolution and history of life on Earth. Our knowledge of dinosaurs comes from these assembled skeletons and fossilized bones

Inquire today to see how we will help you create your dinosaurs skeleton of realistic or customized sizes, colors and more specifications.


  • Outdoor / Indoor Parks
  • Exhibitions & Events
  • National Museums
  • Theme Restaurants
  • Commercial Activities
  • City plazas / Squares
  • Cinemas / IMAX
  • VR / Film Props
  • Shopping Malls
  • Resorts / Hotels


  • Anti-rust Steel Frame / Base
  • Resin, fiberglass fabric
  • Electronic Plating (Eco-friendly)
dinosaur material
dinosaur golden skeleton
dinosaur skeleton exhibition
dinosaur museum display
dinosaur digging site
  • Accessories: Installation Manual / Assemble Accessories / Assemble Tools / Spare Materials / Maintenance & Repair Materials;
  • Adaptability: Outdoor or indoor, adapt to temperature of temperature of -40°C to 40°C. Waterproof, sunproof, snowproof;
  • Lead time: Within 15 days or depending on order quantity;
  • Warranty: 24 – 60 Months and life-long maintenance service;
  • After Service: On-site installation and maintenance training.
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My Dinosaurs is experienced of cooperating with museums, parks and educational institutions. All of our skeletons are made of high quality fiberglass, after processes of polishing and burning, a “real” skeleton completed.