DC-078 Dinosaur Meeting Events Props Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppets

Triceratops is one of the few dinosaurs that hardly need a description.‭ ‬Like with other large ceratopsian dinosaurs it was a quadrupedal‭ (‬four legged‭) ‬herbivore that had a proportionately large skull in relation to its total body size,‭ ‬just under a third of the total length.‭ ‬The skull was adorned with a short neck frill that rose up from the back,‭ ‬and three horns.‭ ‬The largest horns were the two that rose up from above the eyes and reached up to one meter long,‭ ‬while the nasal horn that pointed up from the snout was much smaller.‭ ‬Some specimens of Triceratops sometimes have epoccipitals‭ (‬small pointed bones‭) ‬that are attached to the edge of the frill.‭ ‬Triceratops was once classed as a centrosaurine ceratopsian dinosaur because of this small frill,‭ ‬but today it is considered to be a‭ ‬chasmosaurine‭ (‬often alternatively referred to as ceratopsine‭) ‬on the basis of the well-developed brow horns that are usually greatly reduced or absent in centrosaurines.‭ ‬The frill itself is still interesting because its short and solid which makes it very different from other known genera that usually have long frills with holes in them.‭ ‬However this feature may yet have greater ramifications for Triceratops and some other ceratopsian dinosaur genera‭ (‬click to skip down to this‭)‬.

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